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Now facing my 3rd DUI, I started to think maybe I might have a problem with drinking. At least hard liquor, I could still drink beer right? Although I thought I might have a problem, I still was not willing to go to treatment, however, when my attorney said I can do 90 days in jail or I can go to a 90 day alcohol rehab program, I became willing. I went to an alcohol rehabilitation program in New Jersey. I was born and raised in NJ so it only made sense that I stay in NJ. First I went to an alcohol detox and then I finally made it to treatment 8 days later.

While I was in treatment, it seemed like my eyes went from shut to side open. I started to hear my story from other clients. I heard about how addiction or alcoholism in my case was a disease and it was something that could be treated. This gave me a sense of relief because for a while there I was under the impression that I was a problem and if I just “fixed me” I would be able to drink again without the consequences. I remember it like yesterday, I was in treatment about 60 days now and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was reading the AA book and I came to realize that I am an alcoholic, I am not alone and I can recover. Long story short, I have not gone back to drinking and I have found that what I thought was a serious weakness is not that at all. In fact, my illness has brought me closer to a higher power. I have real friends in my life and I am surrounded by people who love and care about me, the real me. Thank God for that alcohol detox planting the seed. Thank God for that alcohol treatment center watering that seed. Thank God for growing that seed.

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