Month: November 2017

In the midst of missions

Missionaries travel through Albania Yesterday was magnificent! We started our day with a 6 AM wakeup call and breakfast at 7. After eating, we were lead in wonderful praise and worship by psalmist Sis. Shirley from Marilyn’s staff.  Then Marilyn and Sarah greeted us and anointed our hands for miracles. Prayers on various prayer points […]

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Advice squad

Ailsa PageAs a marketer for over 15 years, Ailsa is passionate about explaining marketing in plain English that people can understand. Ailsa has been in small business since 1999, after holding marketing management positions in community, corporate and small business. Ailsa is one of Victoria’s Government Small Business Counsellors. With a psychology degree and post […]

Central nsw region business expo

The Central NSW Region Business Expo is all about bringing businesses together to share, to learn, to assist….to do business. The event has two key components:  a business-to-business trade show of some 40 local businesses and organisations – all who provide products, service, advice or assistance to local small to medium size enterprises; and a […]

Private space online

Disclosure of the Conflict of Interest We earn revenue from users who after having tried our web site for free may purchase premium features to the extent that they do not violate the privacy of other users. We have no advertising and we earn revenue from no other parties. Anonymity Registration at PrivateSpaceOnline is anonymous […]

Reply to comment | paraisohabana

An outlet to collection of leather bag, and receive first clean before in the leather face,Coach Sale and the bag to into a clean shredding group or cotton unlined upper garment, to keep the shape of the bag, and then will leather bag into the soft cotton bag, the collection in the closet bag should […]

Entheogens « opiate tramadol

The potency in kratom leaves vary highly because of the growing conditions and level of care, but to find high quality kratom for excellent prices visit this site.Dosages cary depending on whether the kratom leaves are fresh or dry. In effect, as Abrahamson puts it some sites are, “slapping the FDA in the face […]

Maso marketing – services

Marketing strategy consultancy Maso Marketing Consulting will work with you as an extension of your team to assist in the culture change of your business. Our skill is in helping your company to become a more client focused company. By having a marketing focus you immediately embark upon a strategy which will help to grow and […]

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