Cell phone cases

At Soma Sleeves, we specialize in providing high quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cell phone cases for the most cutting edge smartphones on the planet. We have just recently started stocking
the “bumper” style cases which have TPU sides but a clear, hard-plastic back. We are a progressive and environmentally conscious company, constantly looking for new and creative ways to be more green
and eco-friendly.


TPU is the perfect material for producing the best cell phone cases. It resembles rubber in texture, but is much less stiff and weighs next to nothing.  TPU offers top of the line shock
absorption and is nearly indestructible. In fact, many Soma Sleeves will probably outlive the actual phones they are used to protect. 


Our goal is to provide top of the line cell phone cases at the lowest price possible. There is no reason a cell phone case should ever cost $25 or more, they certainly don’t cost near that much to
produce. So why are these companies charging so much money for a cell phone case? Because they can! And they’re getting away with it all the way to the bank. There are just a few companies that hold
the majority of the market in cell phone cases which gives them the clout to dictate their own outrageous prices. Fortunately, there is a new company on the scene that has a sincere desire to provide
cutting edge cell phone cases at prices impossible to ignore. You will never see a Soma Sleeve priced over 0!


When you buy a TPU case from us it will never crack or break like plastic and it will slip easily over your cell phone, hugging it naturally from all sides. Unlike the bulky plastic and rubber cases,
a TPU case actually lets you appreciate the feel of your phone. The bulky rubber and plastic cases often have there own shape and add a lot of extra weight. There is nothing
pleasant about having a heavyduty plastic or rubber case clunking around in your pocket. Soma Sleeves weigh under an ounce and adhere perfectly to the shape of your phone; you will not notice any
extra weight or burden on your phone.


All of our cases are designed to the precise specifications for the phone model they accompany. They feature precision cutting to give easy and convenient access to all portals and accessories, while
the soft TPU on the knobs makes for a pleasant volume changing experience when listening to your favorite song. Your phone will function just as easily with a Soma Sleeve as it would with no case on
at all. The sides of our cases protrude slightly over the front of the phone which keeps the phone’s screen slightly elevated when placed face down on various surfaces, thus preventing unnecessary
scratches to your phone. 


Soma Sleeves are true cell phone “accessories” because they easily slip on and off of your phone in a few seconds and are cost friendly enough that you can afford to have many different
colors and styles for the same phone. When you get bored of one case,  just slide a different sleeve on depending on your mood or even outfit and you’ve got a fresh look again. We make sure our
cases provide the best functionality for your phone, but we also take pride in the fact that we offer stylish and elegant looking cases.


We got into this business because we’re passionate about cell phone cases. We’re constantly looking for ways to make our cases better, not because we make more money that way, but because
we like our cell phone cases and take pride in them. We are confident that if you experience the look, feel, featherlike weight , and durablility of a Soma Sleeve that you
will be a lifelong customer. Please give us the initial opportunity!


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