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My birthday was last week and I wasn’t really all that excited about it.  I never have an issue with birthdays, but I’m also not one to get really into it and have a huge party or anything.  Mostly I like to use them as an excuse to get people whom I love together.  Turns out people will totally rally when you say it’s your birthday.

Alison (the giver of Vegan T. Rex) and myself giving you “Blue Steel” with our favorite blue dino.

So on the actual day, I walked into work and my desk was covered in decorations.  My friend Alison had hung up a banner, made little collages on the desk, put balloons everywhere, and gave me some serious birthday love.  Amidst all of this wonderful and amazing chaos was a small, blue, squishy Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Something about this random little toy made me ridiculously happy.  He instantly became my new favorite thing and I named him Vegan T. Rex.  Vegan T. Rex came with me around the office.  He was there when I had happy hour margaritas with my friends.  He ate vegan cupcakes with me in Santa Monica as well as Ethiopian food for dinner.  And on the Saturday after my birthday, he even came out dancing.

Vegan T. Rex having a happy hour margarita

The best thing to me about having a fun little joke like that is… that it’s FUN!  It is silly and childish and because of that, it brings that out in all of the people that see the pictures or are around when I take them.  I have had more comments on the pictures I’ve taken of Vegan T. Rex than any I have posted of myself or other aspects of my daily life.  People are even asking me about him!  Will he come to yoga class or will he come over when I go bake some treats for Thanksgiving at a friend’s place?  People have gotten seriously bummed when they missed the chance for a photo with him.

Vegan T. Rex practicing his balance

Having that sense of play within your life seems crucial to me.  Having a pet mini T. Rex surely isn’t, but having something that makes you feel young.  Maybe it’s taking your dogs for a walk, doing something creative, or having a running joke with co-workers or friends.  But cultivating a sense of play makes all those serious or difficult times in life so much easier to deal with!  Tell me about what brings out the kid in you and makes you giggle?  What could you do on a regular basis that would fill you with joy?  And of course I have to ask, what should Vegan T. Rex do next?!

Vegan T. Rex bakes for Thanksgiving

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