Colon Cleanser and Colon Cancer Prevention

The question we need to ask or answer is whether colon cleansers reduce or prevent one from having colon cancer, or what is called colorectal cancer. Promoters of colon cleansers claim that a person has about several pounds of meat in their colon which is undigested and rotting. Therefore, mucus is used to line this layer to facilitate movement of food. This mucus layer enables toxins to increase under the warmth of the undigested food and therefore increase the risk of a person contracting cancer.

It is argued that a colon cleanser is the only substance that can clean the mucus layer build up since regular bowel movements are not enough to ensure that the colon is clear. There are two popular colon cleansing methods. One is using liquid or powdered medication to clean the mucus which is hardened then eliminated through bowel movements. The other method is high colonics or colonic irrigation. This is done by washing the colon with large quantity of water to remove all the rotten food build up and mucus.

However medical experts, through research have shown that colon cleansers do little to prevent cancer. They say that it is better to use other methods to prevent cancer rather than wait until the colon is infected to begin buying the cleansers. If your chances of getting the disease are high due to genetic or ageing factors, then it is advisable to go for colon screening. That is if you are over 50 years old and maybe you have someone in your family line that suffered from colon cancer.

The most effective way to prevent cancer is by eating healthy. Lowering your alcohol consumption, calories intake, fat and meat also go a long way in preventing the disease. You can start by eating vegetables, whole grains and fruits which are rich in fiber, folic acid and calcium.

Exercising regularly at least five times a week can go along way in preventing cancer. This will also help you to keep your weight at accepted levels. Research has shown that by doing exercises, one can reduce the chances of getting the cancer by up to 40 percent. Extra fat that usually forms around the waist can cause the chances of colon cancer infection to increase.

Instead of taking colon cleansers every now and then, medics advise that taking one to three baby aspirins a day will go a long way in reducing the risk of cancer. Aspirin helps in digestion but unfortunately people only take them when they have overeaten in a party to avoid constipation.

If you is a smoker, then you should quit. Smoking is mostly associated with lung cancer but it has been proven that it can also increase the chances of getting colon cancer. So instead of rushing to buy colon cleanser or going for colon irrigation, it would be wise to start preventing colon cancer naturally and in the process one will maintain a very healthy body.

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