Herpes Simplex 1 – Treatment Of Recurrent Herpes

Treatment Of Recurrent Herpes infection constitutes immunorehabilitation patients is mandatory condition for overcoming a number of issues described above related with the development of this disease.

Monotherapy in the treatment of herpes, with the exception of primary acute form of the disease, does not hold water and is a pastime unpromising, drives the patient to a standstill its hopelessness. Typically, the treatment of herpes is an endless administration of drugs such as acyclovir, Valtrex, and others in the form of tablets, ointments, and in some cases, dietary supplements, known more as a food additive.

Treatment of recurrent herpes infection must necessarily be complex, with the use of immunotherapeutic drugs. Of course, in the initial phase of relapse – the phase of the disease requires Course preparations suppressor virus type acyclovir, Valtrex, duration of the course about 5 days. This will temporarily reduce the number of viruses in the patient’s body.

After that you go to a course of treatment with recombinant interferon-alpha and (or) immunomodulators (such as Likopid, ridostin, tsikloferon) depending on the severity of viral infection and immunodeficiency, leading to chronic herpetic infection in an individual patient.

In more severe forms of the disease daily dosage preaparatov interferon-alpha should reach 2 million IU (12 hour interval between doses), with a continuous course of 10 days or more.

1-2 months after relief of an active process important condition for achieving sustained remission is the application inactivated herpes vaccine.

Vaccine efficacy is largely dependent the state of the immune system, the multiplicity of schemes and the introduction of the vaccine. Necessary to perform intradermal injections with the formation of “orange crust. Re-vaccination is an important moment in the conduct of any vaccination, and the lack of it in optimal time can significantly reduce the efficiency of the entire course of conducting treatment of herpes.

Instructions to inactivated herpes vaccine contains immunologically competent enough information on the timing and dosage for revaccination.

You can often hear that the alleged herpes vaccine inactivated – it’s bad, because of the possible danger of malignant tumor in 3% of cases.

Herpes vaccine, consisting of which are inactivated viruses HSV-1 and HSV-2 (due to the DNA of the virus), as well as virus Herpes HSV-2 can have transformative powers. Some Researchers associated with this opportunity to induce cervical cancer uterus in single percentage of cases.

The vaccine has the ability to induce the development of tumors as much as the herpes virus is present and virus carrier in the body. Therefore, a patient with herpes infection the genitals caused by the virus HSV-2 vaccine will not be further the risk of developing cancer.

The most reliable way to prevent cancer tumors, including – for the aforementioned reasons, is a prophylactic application-specific Anticancer Vaccine which should become publicly available in the near future the pharmaceutical market.

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